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Building Services

Building permits protect the public by enforcing the Ontario Building Code (OBC). This ensures that construction is meeting health and safety requirements and applicable laws.

If you are a first-time builder, you should start your project by calling the Building Department.

We can help you navigate the requirements for your project in the areas of:

  • Zoning,
  • Conservation Authority (wetland protection), and
  • any other property related requirements that may impact your project/land.

NEW - Cloudpermit e-permitting system

Otonabee – South Monaghan has updated their application and permitting process by implementing the Cloudpermit e-permitting system. Cloudpermit allows applications to be completed entirely online! 

If an Agent will be working on the e-permitting application on behalf of an owner, the owner will need to fill out the Agent Authorization Form, and/or the
Agent Authorization Form to apply for a Building Permit, and submit it with the
e-permitting application.

If the system asks you to upload a document that you do not feel applies, please upload a note saying that it does not apply so you will be able to keep working through the permit application requirements.

A building permit on a table, with building plans, tools and a hard hat sitting on top

Before you apply for a building permit, it is important that you read over the information package.

Once you understand the requirements for your project, and understand how to use the Cloudpermit system,  you can start your permit submission online.

If you have questions about your permit application requirements please contact the Building Department at 705-295-6852 Ext. 233.

A man working on a deck with tools in-hand and beside him.

You will need a deck permit if you are looking to do any of the following on a property in OSM Township:

                • add on to an existing deck,
                • build a new deck, or
                • build a sunroom (enclosed porch or deck)

Our Deck Guide outlines all of the requirements for decks.
In order to get a deck permit, you need to complete a Cloudpermit submission online. before you start the project.

If you have questions about your permit application requirements, please contact the Building Department at 705-295-6852 Ext. 233.

Drawings of a backyard, indicating a new pool to be installed, with drawing tools to the left.

If you plan on installing a swimming pool, please review the pool information package
and complete the pool permit form included in the package.

If you have questions about your pool permit  application requirements please contact the Building Department at 705-295-6852 Ext. 233.

Please contact the building department for full details and requirements regarding the installation of a:

  • billboard sign, or
  • commercial business sign

If you are looking to install a billboard or commercial business sign on behalf of a property owner, please complete and return to the building department an authorization form for commercial signs.

If the location of the sign is along a roadway not owned/maintained by the Township you will require permits from those agencies.

  1. Signs to be installed along Provincial Highways may require a Highway Corridor Management Permit from the Ministry of Transportation (MTO).
  2. Signs to be installed along Peterborough County roads will require a permit from Peterborough County.

Green space with trees in the back ground and a wedding tent/special event tent set up.

If you are going to use a tent for a wedding or other event, certain sized tents require a permit and inspection.

Please review the Tent Permit Information Package and Application Form.

If you have questions about the requirements for the tent you plan on using, please contact the Building Department at 705-295-6852 Ext. 233.

Fire Department requirements for special event tents.

Your special event tent may require a special events fire safety plan.
Please contact the Fire Department Administration office if you have questions about a fire safety plan. 705-295-6880.


Complaince stamp leaning on a pile of papers

Before you can get a permit for your project, you need to provide proof that your proposed project is compliant with all other agencies who may have jurisdiction on the property/project.

Typical agenices our ratepayers need to engage with are:

Other agencies might also need to review your proposed project.

It is best to discuss your whole project with the building department before you start the application process. This will make sure you know all requirements and associated costs before you begin.

You can contact the Building Department at 705-295-6852 Ext. 233.

Before you can receive your building permit you are required to pay a fee.
Fees are based on the
building permit fee schedule

These fees are calculated based on a number of items depending on the permit type.

New construction is also subject to Development Charges.

Once you have your building permit for one (1) year and have not completed the construction, you will need to fill out the building permit renewal form and submit it with the applicable fee.

Rural setting, brown tones, country road

To get an entrance permit, you need to fill out the entrance permit application form.

This completed form and applicable fee need to be submitted at the Township Office, located at 20 Third Street, Keene.

An entrance permit is required for any proposed new driveway, or entrance to a property in OSM Township.

If your proposed entrance is off of a County Road, you need to apply to the County of Peterborough for your entrance permit using the Peterborough County Roads Entrance Permit online application form (After you read the information on the County site (link above), click on Continue in the bottom right to move on to the online form.)

To book an inspection, you need to provide a minimum of two (2) days (48 hours) notice.

Inspections can only be booked through your account on the  Cloudpermit system.

If you have questions, please call the Building Department at 705-295-6852 Ext. 233.

When you are booking your inspection, you need to check with the building department to determine if there are any special requirements that must be in place to allow the inspector safe access.

Follow the requirements set out in the Expectations for Inspections information.

For Planning related services, visit the Planning Services page.

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