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To report missed garbage collection, contact Waste Connections of Canada at 705-742-4268.

Clear Garbage Bag Program

OSM Township implemented the clear garbage bag program in September 2020.

The clear garbage bag program entices residents and businesses to create less waste.
And, encourages the disposal of:

  • recyclable,
  • compostable and
  • hazardous materials by the appropriate methods

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have questions or concerns about the clear garbage bag program, please contact:

Craig Brooks, Director of Public Works at 705-745-3595 or

Deputy CAO/Clerk Heather Scott at 705-295-6852 Ext. 223

Household trash can with a full clear garbage bag beside
  • Each household is allowed two (2) normal sized clear garbage bags for pick up each week.
  • Businesses can put out four (4) normal sized clear garbage bags for pick up each week.
    If your business exceeds four (4) bags of garbage a week, contact a private contractor.
  • Garbage needs to be at the road no later than 7:00 a.m. to avoid missing collection.
  • Garbage should not be placed at the road overnight to avoid the nuisances caused by wild animals.
  • Waste Connections of Canada is not responsible for collecting your garbage if it is ripped open by animals prior to collection.
  • It is up to the homeowner to clean up any messes on the roadside made by opened garbage bags.
Racoon looking up sitting inside a trash can

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