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By-Laws & Policies

All OSM By-laws passed since 2010 can be found on our civicweb by-law area.

Frequently Requested By-laws

The following By-laws are those that are requested most often.

Please be advised that Council my amend, repeal or replace a by-law, so please check civicweb, and/or contact the Clerk to ensure you are viewing the latest version.

By-law Complaints

If you have a by-law concern/complaint that you would like us to investigate, please fill out the by-law complaint registration form, sign it, and submit it.

If you use the online form, once completed and submitted online, it will go directly to the by-law officers.

If you chose to use the PDF version, you will be required to submit it by email, drop it off to the Township Office, or send it by mail.

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