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Building Services

Building permits regulate the types of construction projects in the community. Permits make sure all construction meets proper building code standards.

Before you start any project, you need to determine if you need a building permit or not. 

First time builders should schedule a meeting with the building department before starting the planning stages of their project. This provides opportunity to discuss the needs of the project, and find out any requirements from the Township.

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Before you apply for a building permit, it is important that you read over the Information Package before attending the Municipal office to submit your permit application.

If you have questions about your permit please contact the Building Department at 705-295-6852 Ext. 233.

To book an inspection, you need to provide a minimum of 48 hours notice.

Inspections can only be booked by contacting the Building Department at 705-295-6852 Ext. 233.

When you are booking your inspection, you need to check with the Buildign Department to determine if there are any special requirements that must be in place to allow the inspector safe access.

You need to provide proof that your proposed project is compliant with all other agencies who may have jurisdiction on the project, before you get a permit your project.

Before you can receive your building permit you are required to pay a fee. Fees are based on the Building Permit Fee Schedule

These fees are calculated based on a number of items depending on the permit type.

New construction is also subject to Development Charges.

Development charges are 

For Planning related services, visit the Planning Services page.

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